Tuesday, March 31, 2009

St. George

It was Levi’s spring break so we headed down to St. George to see the fam. We had such a great time!! We first stopped off at Dain and Alyse’s on Friday and Saturday. Levi and Dain went golfing on Friday with Ben in Salt Lake and Alyse and I hung out at their house with Josh when he got off of work. Then the guys were off again playing some tennis in the morning and we took the kiddies shopping. WE stopped at Wal*mart on the way to the mall and bought a stroller and had the funnest time trying to get the zip ties off in the parking lot. A nice guy came over and helped us get them off, apparently all you have to do is push the little tab down and they come right off… yet another thing boys learn in High School that we somehow miss. :D Later that day we headed off to Leah and Steve’s new house in Eagle Mountain. It is awesome. I am jealous. Then off we went to SG. We had a great time swimming at the SHAC and having Gemma’s half party. Her cake didn’t turn out so I’m going to have to make one and just take pictures… Mia and Dar came over before they headed up SLC for the weekend and we got to compare the babes. Man Kalem you are huge. Believe it or not Gemma is older.. Check out the pic, he is like twice her size. I just read Erika's blog about Q and man that kid is crawling!!! I would say I'm jealous, but I'm not. :D I can still leave the room with minimal worries haha... Cooper and Gemma were soooo happy to see all their cousins and Grandparents. Coop wanted to go back right when he saw we were home. We will hopefully get to go back soon so he isn’t gone too long.

Our little fam at SHAC... My mom is comvinced Jo's boys got crypto from it, but my kids are fine :D

Coop with Levster. They sure had a fun time on the slide

Check the Dif... And coming from those two :D J/K

Gemma with Great Grandma, she enjoyed her first taste of chocolate

Needless to say we were exhausted at the end of the week

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There have been some recent inquiries on whether or not we are alive, but yes, yes we are :D We have had a busy couple of weeks. We moved into a new place in Boise, closer to school and work. We like it so far we have a lot of space and it's quiet. a luxury we have come to cherish :D (love you Gublers!!) Anyway here is a picture of the outside of our new apartment, the inside is a bit of a mess and i don't feel like cleaning it up for the blog...

Apparently people don’t buy TV’s larger than 32” because the niche above the fireplace made especially for TV’s doesn’t fit anything larger. Levi rigged up a shelf thing to stick out on the edges so our TV would fit. It works out…

As far as kids go, ours are great. Coop is livin’ it up in his new room. Not that he didn’t love living under the stairs. Haha. He loves going for bike rides to the gas station to get a drink even though it takes like an hour (it’s only 2 blocks:D) digging in the dirt out back, and playing with Gemma.

Gemma is the big 6 Months and I’m planning a half birthday party while we are in St.George for 10 DAYS!!! WooHooo!!!! She says Da-da, I was a little offended at first because, after all, i did birth her... but then I remembered Coop said Ma-ma first, so I guess Levi and I are even. She is sitting up and and playing and being the cutest and sweetest baby I know.

Well I hope all is well and we hope to see everyone while we are in the big SG!!!