Monday, January 26, 2009

My little peanut

I just read about Gemma's two little boy cousins that are almost her exact age and they are flippin' MONSTERS!!! haha. I Know Gemma is a little small, well i prefer petite, but sitting up at four months, c'mon. Poor little thing, she is just now comfortable pushing her head up and resting on her elbows while laying on her stomach :( I try and give her a lot of tummy time, but she gets so mad she will just yell and scream until i turn her over. The little fart. I'm not too worried she'll catch up. You two Monster Mommy's quit braggin'! :D


I was looking through some of my pictures today and decided i gave birth to twins... at different times...and different genders... but you get my drift. Gemma and Cooper look so much alike it's scary! None of my genes were passed on, they are both going to look just like Levi. Haha.. I hope Gemma doesn't. Here are a few examples of both of them right about the same age...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was going through some of our pictures for 2008 and came accross this one of Levi and Cooper. I noticed that Coopers ears are just about the same size as Levi's. HAHA... Levi and I both have small ears so i wonder where he got these from. (p.s. it's not perspective either i checked it out while they were eating dinner :D) I'm just hoping they don't end up massive...