Sunday, March 30, 2008

Farewell Uncle Jaden

Levi's brother Jaden left for the Munich Germany Austria Mission on Wednesday. He is a Great uncle. Cooper Loves him so much. Jaden played with Cooper so well and was always willing to take him on the go cart and play games with him. Cooper and us are going to miss him a lot!


Over Easter weekend we were invited to leah's to have a egg hunt with some of our cousins, and on Saturday we went out to the desert with Levi's family to have a picnic and another egg hunt. We had a great time with both, and the best part was since Cooper got to practice hunting eggs at Leah's he was great on Saturday!
Here is Cooper in Leahs backyard a little confused on what to do...

Figuring it out :D

I think he's got it. Hahaha
Here's cooper on Saturday in the desert running to get some eggs. Ava isn't far behind, like always.

We also had a great time shooting with all the cousins.
Cooper in his easter outfit after Jaden's farewell on Sunday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The go cart

Levi's brother Jaden fixed up their old go cart... He put in a new engine, "Murdered it out", and put head lights and everything. It's so much fun. Cooper loves it! We took it up to Idaho with us over the weekend and I dont think Cooper was in the house more than 5 minutes before he was asking for "go car?" He just laughs and smiles and makes car noises the whole time. It's Hilarious! Here are a few pictures of us on the road by our house...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I took these pictures right before Jo and the boys moved to Hawaii. I was deleting some of the pictures off my camera and thought they were so cute. Cooper has been asking for Bub and Hank especially when we go over to Gramy and Papi's house. We miss you JoJo, Bub, Hank, and big will!!
I thought hank looks like a monster in this picture, i guess it's just the angle.